About Me

CNC Sun2

Hi, there!

When you get down to it, I’m an English fanatic. From diagramming sentences to playing with words to putting together a works cited page, I love it all. And I’ve done just about all a person can do when it comes to turning that love into a career. I’m currently an adjunct professor who has taught just about everything English related: developmental writing and reading, composition, technical report writing, literature, and creative writing. I am also a writer. I’m currently working on my first novel, but I have my MFA in Creative Writing – Poetry. I’ve been a proofreader for an accounting firm and a psychiatric hospital. I’ve been an editor on several poetry journals, as well as a tutor of all ages. I’ve even been a freelance writer and worked on grant writing.

In addition to my love affair with the English language, I am also moved and inspired by art, dance, music, the ocean, cars, love, friends, family, travel, culture, new adventures, and many more. I try to experience life with all five of my senses. I am an optimist. I love to smile. And laugh.