This poem touches on a variety of topics like acceptance and bullying, which are quite relevant in today’s society. I have shown this performance in class, and students really seem to relate to it and connect with it. It is another from the Ted Talks series, titled “To This Day… for the bullied and beautiful” by […]


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned my first grad school poetry professor, Glover Davis. When I think of people describing a tough teacher as being their favorite, I start to wonder about how that can be, and then I think of Glover Davis. I’m pretty sure I cried after my very first poem was […]


I have been tied to water for as long as I can remember. Perhaps it was being born a Pisces, or in San Diego, or the daughter of a Navy man, or maybe it’s more than that. Water is the natural element that inspires me, whether it be the ocean, or rain, or even sweat. […]


Two weeks ago on PoeMondaY, I introduced one of my mentors, but today I would like to expand that group of people who have influenced my life to include all of the teacher’s I’ve had the opportunity to study under. It is true that some teachers have more of an impact than others and that […]


Look! It’s PoeMondaY again! One of the things I was most blessed with during my post-secondary education was the opportunity to have some really amazing mentors. Each of them played a significant role in teaching, inspiring, shaping, and encouraging me in my writing and in my career path. Not too long ago, I was tickled […]


Just a quick note to say I’m super excited for the opportunity to work on my website, novel, artwork and other fun stuff this summer! Big changes are in progress for the website, I’m taking an online novel-writing class to help me delve back into my work in progress, and I’m working on a few other things […]

They’re Baaaaack…

It’s the Tuesday after Labor Day, and that can only mean one thing… Back to School! Looks like it will be another semester teaching three Comp1 courses and one Comp and Lit class. Class vibes and enthusiasm from the students of my first two classes were all great, even for the 8am course. Energy in […]