Continuing with the water theme from last week’s PoeMonday post, I figured I’d share my favorite water-themed poem of my own this week. This one will be featured in my next piece of art, which I’m excited about. I have an interesting idea I hope will work out the way I’m imagining it. Until then, I hope you enjoy the poem itself:

The Lovers

The raindrops on my windshield are lovers.
One of them starts it all, slinks up to another drop
propelled by the wind and want.
In the fertile mating ground on the glass
he slips her a line and they collide
puddling like sweat, a glossy sheen in the sun.
Pulled by gravity and desire, they slide to the floor
bumping into another couple, edges melding, lines blurring.
The surface tension builds as one drop is cradled
on a tongue, another glistens on her petal like dew.
Spreading out, they nudge into other drops, becoming one
an orgy of rain across my windshield.

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